Poster: Consent Is Sexy

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At universities across the country, new students are descending on their new homes for Freshers’ Week.

It’s a time to make friends, and for many, to drink alcohol and party hard.

For many students, their time at university will also be the time they have their first sexual experiences.

Secondary school sex education will have have taught them all about safe sex (“use a condom!”) but has it prepared students for that other all-important, safety-related, C-word: consent?

The topic of consent is often lacking from sex education classes, meaning that it may not be on the forefront of some young people’s minds as they engage in sexual activity for the first time.

But it’s hugely important.

That’s why we’ve put together these posters, to help young people learn that consent is just as important as condom-use when it comes to having safe sex.

You can view them here (Consent Is Sexy) and here (Be Consent Aware), to print and put up around your campus and in your halls of residence.

Or you can share them on Facebook here (Consent Is Sexy), and here (Be Consent Aware) if printing and sticking is not your idea of fun during Freshers’ Week – which is totally understandable!

Have fun, and remember: be consent aware this Freshers’ Week!

Poster text

Title: Consent is sexy / Be consent aware

Man: “Are you ready for this?”

Woman: “Yes. Are you?”

Man: “Yes”.

  • Always ask for consent before engaging in sexual activity.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” if you don’t want to do something.
  • Respect your partner if they ask you to stop.
  • Remember it’s OK to change your mind, and that it’s OK for your partner to change their mind, even once you’ve started engaging in sexual activity.
  • Have fun and remember, consent is sexy!

Image credit: “The Kiss” by Robert Werk

Posters created by Victims2Survivors UK


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